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We are doing custom design led light parts suitable for your existing all type of flame proof light fittings .

  • Flame proof well glass & flat glass light fitting
  • Flame proof flood light fitting
  • Fflame proof clean room light fitting
  • Flame proof vessel lamp fitting
  • Flame proof bulkhead light fitting
  • Flame proof tube light fitting

Our Specially designed heat sink with high grade LM6 aluminum ,Excellent thermal management – Ideal heat dissipation with good quality heat sink. Premium quality to operate hazardous environment light fitting and low maintenance due to long service life of more than 50,000 operating hours.

Features& Application


  • Replaces conventional light in any type of flame proof light fitting of any wattage to LED lights , Easy to install and Consumes less power up to 70% compared to sodium vapor lamps, metal halide & halogen
  • >140-150 Lumen/watt LED and CRI >80
  • LED driver designed with low THD , high power factor ,high surge protection, overheat, short circuit and open circuit protection & operate wide input  voltage range for long life and sturdy performance
  • Built to work in harsh conditions, 24×7 operations and 10 Year Life (12 Hours a day use)
  • Modern and Elegant Design heat sink
  • Maintenance free ,Instant start without flash & humming
  • High Performance electronic driver ensure Zero Maintenance
  • Potted driver is used for vibration proof performance
  • Electric wave & radio interference free



  • Oil/Refinery Industries like IOCL, BPCL, HPCL etc
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • BULK Drug Industries
  • Paint & Thinner Industries
  • Fertilizers & Chemical units
  • Bio-Chemical Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Power Generation plants.


Other specification


led street light (12W-20W)

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