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Our Lowbay/Highbay elegantly designed high grade aluminum pressure die cast housing with Excellent thermal management design and powder coated with toughened glass cover Precise narrow beam and wide beam optics for indoor industrial requirement.

Features& Application


  • Replaces conventional highbay light of any wattage and Easy to install and Consumes less power up to 70% compared to sodium vapor lamps, metal halide & halogen
  • >140-150 Lumen/watt LED and CRI >80
  • LED driver designed with low THD , high power factor ,high surge protection, overheat, short circuit and open circuit protection & operate wide input  voltage range for long life and sturdy performance
  • Built to work in harsh conditions, 24×7 operations and 10 Year Life (12 Hours a day use)
  • Modern and Elegant Design with Long Lasting powder coated Aluminum body
  • Maintenance free ,Instant start without flash & humming
  • High Performance electronic driver ensure Zero Maintenance
  • Potted driver is used for vibration proof performance
  • Electric wave & radio interference free
  • Without mercury,UV& IR radiation


  • Warehouses, Factories
  • Large commerical spaces
  • Service stations / Mechanical work shops
  • Airport hangers
  • Highway Toll Stations
  • Exhibition halls
  • Gymnasiums



Part No TSWHB-302 TSWHB-502 TSWHB-802 TSWHB-1002 TSWHB-1202 TSWHB-1502 TSWHB-1802 TSWHB-2202
Power Consumption (±5%) 30W 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 220W
Electrical Data
Input Voltage & Frequency AC 100-277 V & 50 Hz ~ 60Hz
Power factor ≥0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion <8%
Driver Surge Voltage >4KV  ( up to 20KV on request)- Input Low Voltage &Over Voltage Protection / Output Short Circuit and Open Circuit Protection
System efficiency >88%
Photometric Data
Rated Luminous Flux >3600 Lm >6000 Lm >9600 Lm >12000 Lm >14400 Lm >18000 Lm >21600 Lm >26400 Lm
Luminance >60/26ft >125/26ft >150/26ft >150/32ft >170/32ft >200/32ft >225/32ft >250/35ft
LED Beam Angle 120°   (30°,60°,90° ,140° Secondary Optics Lenses used based on application )Standard 90° Lens used
LED Light Source SMD LED(LM80 life time tested part, High Lumen Output and Efficacy ,Designed for high current operation, Low Thermal Resistance)
Color Rendering Index ≥80
Luminous Efficiency >140Lm/W
Color Temperature (CCT) Cool White (CW) 5000K~6500K   { Neutral White (NW) 3900K~4500K  Warm White (WW) 2700K~3900K  } on request
Luminaire Data
Luminaire weight 4.5 Kg 4.5 Kg 4.5 Kg 4.5 Kg 9 Kg 9 Kg 9 Kg 9 Kg
Rated Life >50000 Hours
IP Rating IP20
Working Temperature -10°c to + 50°c
Luminaire Body & Finish Epoxy white powder coated die cast aluminium housing & Toughened Glass
Application & Mounting Indoor & Fixing with clamp and boult
Futures Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off

Other specification

Part No TSWHB-302 TSWHB-502 TSWHB-802 TSWHB-1002 TSWHB-1202 TSWHB-1502 TSWHB-1802 TSWHB-2202
System wattage 30W 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 220W
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Approximate Luminaire Dimension Ø:150mm, H:75mm Ø:380mm, H:90mm Ø:380mm, H:90mm Ø:380mm, H:90mm Ø:425mm, H:100mm Ø:425mm, H:100mm Ø:425mm, H:100mm Ø:425mm, H:100mm


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