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Solar Street Lights powered by solar energy which is clean and endless. They are off-grid and no need connected to the electrical grid infrastructure. You can own a solar street light at a much lower cost. Our solar street light system is composed of solar panel, LED lights, controller,light pole and gel battery. It features by self-regulated switch on/off function and operates environmental friendly.

This solar street lights have widely used in new rural roads, urban arterial roads or slow lane, branch roads, and road lighting in public places such as scenic spots, parking lots, parks, squares and other public places.

Features& Application


  1. LEDs are Energy Efficient since they consume less than half the power of conventional lights and can save electricity for more than 60 – 70%
  2. LEDs offer higher light output and have a long life of over 12 – 15 years
  3. LEDs are pollution free and offer clean environment.
  4. LEDs are Eco-friendly and Mercury free since they do not emit infra red or ultra violet rays which have an adverse effect on skin and eyes.
  5. LEDs reduce Co2 Emissions.
  6. 6 Compared to the high efficient light sources of fluorescent tubes, compact lamps and metal halide high- pressure lamps the switching time of LEDs is very short. This plays an important role especially for applications like head lamps and brake lights in automotive and traffic applications.
  1. LEDs provide excellent stability for mechanical and thermal stress. The reliability of an LED is described by the different failure mechanisms, the spontaneous total failure of the LED and the reduced light intensity of the LED.

Our Street Light Luminaries offer low power consumption and maintenance – free long life


Product Code TSSSL-12W TSSSL-18W TSSSL-24W TSSSL-36W
Watts of the lamp 12W 18W 24W 36W
LED SMD hi power LED (LM80 life time tested part, High Lumen Output and Efficacy , Designed for high current operation, Low Thermal Resistance)

Led lumen efficiency: >140/W

CRI:>80, external lens used for better coverage


Light output in Lumen >1440 >2160 >2880 >4320
No of fittings per post 1  (based on customer requirement )
Pole height (in mts) 6
Hours of operation in a day 12 hrs Maximum
Working nature Automatic Dusk to Dawn
Autonomy days 1 or 2 days (based on customer requirement)
Battery Details:
Type of Battery Stationary Tubular Lead Acid Battery
Battery volts 12V DC
Capacity of the battery (1 day Autonomy)  30Ah 40Ah 60Ah 100Ah
Capacity of the battery (2 day Autonomy) 40Ah 60Ah 80Ah 135Ah
Battery Temperature compensation Provided
Solar Photovoltaic Module Details
Type of SPV module Multi crystalline silicon cells
System module voltage 12V DC
Solar panel Capacity(1 day Autonomy) 50Wp 75Wp 100Wp 150Wp
Module output volts at full load 17V DC
Total no of modules per system Single or Double
Solar Charge Controller Details
Type of controller Microcontroller based advanced driver
Working Volts of CC 12V DC
Capacity of Charge controller (1 day Autonomy) 12V/5A 12V/8A 12V/10A 12V/15A
Type and Switching Technique Series type MOSFET based
Operation Continues
charging level Boost, Equalize and Float charging, also for VRLA
Sensor In-built auto Dusk to Dawn sensor
Electronic Protections Low Battery Disconnection, Over charge Disconnection

Reverse polarity protection,reverse leakage current protection

Type of Cooling Natural air cooled
Indications by LEDs’ Battery Low-RED LED

Battery under Charge-GREEN LED

Battery Status-Three yellow LED

Other specification


led street light (12W-20W

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