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High mast pole are ideally suitable for the lighting of wide areas like sports ground, stadium , highways, highway interchanges, Airports, Harbors, open parking lots etc, productivity and efficiency in those areas, high-mast lighting is critical. High mast pole are manufactured from 9 to 42 Meter and are polygonal in shape with continuous tapered steel and electrical welde . The engineers take extra care in examining lighting load, structure weight, variable wind speeds, local soil conditions and a host of other relevant variables before beginning any designs. For many, that is where the engineering excellence ends.

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Features& Application


our high mast poles are designed with motorized controls that effortlessly lowers and raises the luminaires for maintenance purposes.

High mast light specification is another determiner when illuminating large outdoor areas. With flexible, marine-grade stainless steel wire ropes that comply with AISI SS316 standards, the high masts are housed in a chassis and secured axially.

Our high masts come with self-lubricating winches which are driven by a single speed reversible power tool in a self-sustaining mechanism. The entire range is available in standard heights ranging from 12 to 30 meters.


All these options support various luminaire combinations depending on lighting design requirements.​​​​​​​

High Mast Assembly

The assembly is housed in a chassis and is secured axially. The pulley is made of non-corrosive material and runs on self-lubricating bearings with stainless steel spindles. This complete assembly is hot dip galvanized.


The double drum winch driven by a single speed reversible power tool is a self-sustaining mechanism which does not get affected by weather or moisture. It is designed as a self-lubricating winch by using oil bath.

Lantern Carriages

The lantern carriage is made of durable steel tube and serves the dual purpose of carrying luminaires as well as acts as an electrical conduit. It is provided with rubber gaskets internally which allows easy movement and avoids scratches on the mast surface during movement.


Flexible, marine-grade stainless steel wire ropes (AISI SS316) are used in 7/19 construction in the mast assembly. Accessories like trailing cable, cable connections, lightning arrester, power tool, feeder pillar box and aviation obstruction luminaire are provided with the mast.



  • Road junctions
  • Harbours
  • Airports
  • Railway yard lighting
  • Industrial areas
  • Signage for petrol pump
  • Highways
  • railway yards
  • dock yards
  • parking lots
  • power plants
  • coal mines
  • warehouse
  • toll plazas


Other specification


led street light (12W-20W)

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